KLIMB is program which allows you to plan bike routes interactively on topographical maps of the San Francisco Bay Area, Central Ohio and other areas. You create a route by clicking on nodes marking key intersections or on the roads between the nodes. As you are building the route, it connstantly displays the total distance and climbing. At any time, with a press of the button, you can get:

KLIMB was originally based on Bill Bushnell's excellent San Francisco Bay Area Altitude/Distance Biking Graph. Later, additional zones were added including central Ohio, a mountain biking version centered on Mt Tamalpais, and even a hiking version showing several East Bay parks. KLIMB means Keith's deLuxe Interactive Map Builder.

Latest Version

The latest version, 4.20, was released in July, 2008. New features since 4.0 include route atlas, favorites, pdf support, route arrows, start and end icons, gradient computation, email support, web update of nodes and favorites, and more.


Since KLIMB is written using tcl/tk, it should run on almost all platforms.
 • Windows: yes
 • Unix: yes
 • Macintosh OS X: yes


setup_sfbay.exe - This contains KLIMB with the Peninsula region in the San Francisco Bay Area zone.
setup_ohio.exe - This contains KLIMB with the Licking County region in the Ohio zone.
setup_mttam.exe - This contains KLIMB with the Mt Tamalpais mountain biking zone. It contains all the regions associated with this zone.
klimb.exe - This is if you just want the program without the normal Windows setup procedures nor with any zones or regions.
klimb.zip - For Unix and Macintosh users or if you want the source.
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